The Startup Sisters Africa coding, leadership and entrepreneurship initiative aims to build self-confidence in African young women and girl-child as change agents and technology innovators in their communities while giving them relevant skills to build technology enterprises through an intensive hours of coding and mental development which is followed by class activities and take-home assignments.

We are always happy to see participants of our various bootcamps bring up new ideas in solving our societal problems through the use of latest technology.

The STARTUP SISTER AFRICA initiative is not just about coding. It is so much more. From valuable lessons on leadership to making impact to changing our societies one step at a time to teamwork, business planning and it’s management, STARTUP SISTER AFRICA Coding Bootcamp is the total package.

Our program provides unprecedented access to a huge community of tech leaders, experienced entrepreneurs, corporate champions, investors and advisors. The Startup Sisters Africa Network is here to help you grow!


Startup Sisters Africa educators have developed an environment that allows individuals to thrive at their own pace, ask questions and get the most out of the exhilarating 12-week program.


At Startup Sisters Africa we stick together. After you graduate, you’ll be part of a professional network of 600+ women who are passionate about helping each other get ahead.


Work with mentors who are passionate about investing in and developing you as a professional. Our industry experts are determined to see you succeed.

Career Development

You’re not doing it alone. Internship sessions, resume building workshops and personalized career developers will all play a key role in helping you find the perfect job.


Our program is intense and advisors are here to guide your experience and help you make the right decisions. They’ll track your progress, provide personal and technical support and keep you working towards your goal.

Hiring Partners

At Startup Sisters Africa, we foster a close collaboration within the industry.

Be part of the story

Impact a community by impacting one woman. Join our women-led movement and invest in a brighter future

We offers a holistic continuum of innovative training and education programs to engage young women and girls in thinking about their future. Programs provide real-world, hands-on experiences and robust encouragement through coaching, mentoring, or case management. Our instructors, peers, advisors, mentors, career coaches and alumnae uphold a culture and environment where young women are empowered to realize their full potential. It’s not about competition for attention, it’s about collaboration. We firmly believe that when you combine a community of likeminded ambitious young women and a network of strong support, the possibilities are endless.